Molly Higgins, MLIS, is a Library Fellow at the Lamar Soutter Library. She
specializes in mobile medical applications, information literacy, and issues of diversity
and representation. She holds an MLIS from the University of Washington and a BA in Asian
American Studies from the University of California, Berkeley. 

Molly can be reached at Meredith.Higgins(at) or 508-856-2469. 

Posters and Presentations


Microagressions: Small Actions that are a Big Deal (with Charlotte Roh), Library Publications and Presentations (2014)

“Microaggressions” refer to those brief occurrences and encounters that subtly reinforce systems of power and...

Hopsital Library Chat: Evernote Webinar, National Network of Libraries of Medicine New England Region (2014)

Technology only works if you can make it work for you! This webinar discusses how...

Critical Issues in Archival and Library Practices: Empire, Knowledge, and Scholarly Communication (with Gary Colmenar, Paul Lai, Charlotte Roh, Sine Hwang Jenson, and A Noelle Brado-Williams), Association of Asian American Studies (2013)