Mohammad Mansoob Khan is a Professor (Senior Assistant) Chemical Sciences, Faculty
of Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalaam, Brunei Darussalaam. At present Dr. Khan is
working in the cutting edge area of nanochemistry, nanosciences and nanotechnology
especially in the field of Inorganic Nanohybrid materials such as synthesis of Gold,
Silver nanoparticles, Nanocomposites and band gap engineering of semiconductors (metal
oxide) and their applications in the hydrogen production, photocatalysis,
photoelectrodes, sensor, peroxidase mimic and solar cell. 

Dr Khan has about 55 publications in international peer-reviewed journals, conference
proceedings, a book and a book chapter having more than 850 citations with 18 h-index and
27 i10-index. 

Dr. Khan has worked in different countries (India, Ethiopia, Oman and South Korea) and
taught various courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

Contributions to Books



PATENT 2: Method for degrading dye using visible light sensitive metal/metal oxide nanocomposite prepared by electrochemically active biofilm under visible light irradiation (with S. Kalathil, S. Ansari, J. Lee, and M. H. Cho) (2014)

The invention relates to the decomposition method of the dye under the visible ray irradiation...


PATENT 1: Method for synthesis of gold nanoparticles (with Thi Hiep Han, S. Kalathil, J. Lee, and M. H. Cho) (2013)

Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles using stainless steel.




Editorial of Special Issue: Nanomaterials as Photocatalysts, Journal of Saudi Chemical Society (2015)

This thematic special issue entitled “Nanomaterials as Photocatalysts” based on selected research/review articles submitted to...



Electrically conductive polyaniline sensitized defective-TiO2 for improved visible light photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical performance: A synergistic effect (with M O. Ansari, S A. Ansari, and M H. Cho), New Journal of Chemistry (2015)

Sulfonated polyaniline@pure-TiO2 (s-Pani@p-TiO2) and polyaniline@defective-TiO2 (s-Pani@m-TiO2) nanocomposites were prepared by the in-situ oxidative polymerization of...



Biogenic synthesis of a Ag–graphene nanocomposite with efficient photocatalytic degradation, electrical conductivity and photoelectrochemical performance (with Mohammad Ehtisham Khan and M. H. Cho Prof), New Journal of Chemistry (2015)

This paper reports the environmentally benign, simple, cost efficient, one-step, surfactant free, and biogenic synthesis...



Polythiophene nanocomposites for photodegradation applications: Past, present and future (with M. O. Ansari, S. A. Ansari, and M. H. Cho), Journal of Saudi Chemical Society (2015)

Polythiophene (PTh) has been the subject of considerable interest because of its good environmental stability,...



ZnO/CdO nanocomposites for textile effluent degradation and electrochemical detection, Journal of Molecular Liquids (2015)

In this report, the photocatalytic and electrochemical activity of ZnO and ZnO/CdO nanocomposites were determined....