Michael Kortt, BEc (Hons) (La Trobe), MS (Arizona), PhD (UNE) 

Dr Michael Kortt is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Business and Tourism at Southern
Cross University (SCU). He holds a PhD in economics from the University of New England,
an MS in public health from the University of Arizona, and an honours degree in economics
from La Trobe University. Prior to joining SCU, Michael spent 10 years working in the
government sector as a Research Manager for the Department of Veterans' Affairs, the
Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, and the
Department of Health and Ageing. 

Dr Kortt has extensive experience in conducting research and his recent publications have
appeared in Administration & Society, Applied Economics Letters, Australian Journal
of Political Science, Australian Journal of Public Administration, Economic Papers,
Economic Record, International Journal of Public Administration, Journal of Happiness
Studies, Local Government Studies, Public Finance and Management, and Social Indicators
Research. Dr Kortt has also published the following books through Federation Press with
Professor Brian Dollery and Dr Bligh Grant at the University of New England: Councils in
Cooperation: Shared Services and Australian Local Government (2012) and Funding the
Future: Financial Sustainability and Infrastructure Finance in Australian Local
Government (2013). 

His principal research interests fall squarely on local government economics and public


Councils in cooperation: shared services and Australian local government (with Brian Dollery and Bligh Grant), (2012)

Book chapters

Policy analysis capacity and Australian local government (with B Dollery and S De Souza), Policy analysis in Australia (2015)

Options for rationalizing local government structure: a policy agenda (with B Dollery and B Grant), The challenge of local government size: theoretical perspectives, international experience and policy reform (2013)

Tackling the Australian local infrastructure backlog: the case for a National Bond Bank (with Brian Dollery and B Grant), A global economy (2011)



Australian local government and community engagement: are all our community plans the same: does it matter? (with Bligh Grant and Brian E. Dollery), Working paper series: Centre for Local Government, University of New England (2011)


Socio-economic correlates of body size among Australian adults (with Andrew Leigh), Families, Incomes and Jobs, Volume 4: A Statistical Report on Waves 1 to 6 of the HILDA Survey (2009)

Journal articles


De-amalgamation in action: the Queensland experience (with Simone V. de Souza and Brian E. Dollery), Public Management Review (2015)


Determining the optimal size of local government: the case of Tasmanian councils (with Rui Cunha Marques and Brian Dollery), Australian Journal of Public Administration (2015)


Is biggest best? a comparative analysis of the financial viability of the Brisbane City Council (with Elisabeth Sinnewe and Brian Dollery), Australian Journal of Public Administration (2015)