Dr. Jones is currently an Assistant Professor at Oregon State's School of
Public Policy. He received his PhD in Political Science in 2010 from the University of
Oklahoma and holds an MA and BS in Political Science, both granted from Idaho State
University. His research focuses on the role and influence of narrative in public policy
processes, outcomes, and science communication. 

The Narrative Policy Framework: Theory

The Narrative Policy Framework (with Mark K. McBeth Dr. and Shanahan A. Elizabeth Dr.), Theories of the Policy Process (2014)


Policy Narratives and Policy Processes (with Shanahan A. Elizabeth Dr. and McBeth K. Mark Dr.), Policy Studies Journal (2011)

The Advocacy Coalition Framework (ACF) has influenced a generation of policy scholars with its emphasis...



Narrative Policy Framework: Clear Enough to be Wrong? (with Mark K. McBeth), Policy Studies Journal (2010)

Narratives are increasingly subject to empirical study in a wide variety of disciplines. However, in...


The Narrative Policy Framework: Applications


Communicating Climate Change: Are Stories Better than ‘Just the Facts?’, Policy Studies Journal (2014)

Postpositive policy scholarship has long asserted the importance of narratives—or stories—in shaping public policy through...



An Angel on the Wind: How Heroic Policy Narratives Shape Policy Realities (with Elizabeth A. Shanahan Dr., Mark K. McBeth Dr., and Ross R. Lane), Policy Studies Journal (2013)

Narrative Policy Framework (NPF) is a new and maturing theory of the policy process that...



Cultural Characters and Climate Change: How Heroes Shape Our Perception of Climate Science, Social Science Quarterly (2013)

Objective: This research examines how narrative communication structures influence the public's perceptions of risk and...



Making Sense of Climate Change: How Story Frames Shape Cognition (with Song Geoboo Dr.), Political Psychology (2013)

In 2006, Adam J. Berinsky and Donald R. Kinder published findings in the Journal of...



Heroes and Villains: Cultural Narratives, Mass Opinions, and Climate Change (2010)

Global climate change is easily identified as one of the most pressing and contentious policy...


The Policy Process


Social Construction and Policy Design: A Review of Past Applications (with Jonathan J. Pierce, Siddiki Saba, Kristen Schumacher, Andrew Pattison, and Holly Peterson), Policy Studies Journal (2014)

One of the leading theories for understanding the policy process is the theory of social...



Trans-Subsystem Dynamics: Policy Topography, Mass Opinion, and Policy Change (with Hank C. Jenkins-smith), The Policy Studies Journal (2009)

We argue that the treatment of trans-subsystem change, and particularly the role of public opinion...


Cultural Theory


Reconsidering the Relationship Between Cultural Theory, Political Ideology, and Political Knowledge (with Ripberger T. Joseph, Song Geoboo, Nowling C. Matthew, and Hank C. Jenkins-Smith), Social Science Quarterly (2012)

Objective Social scientists from a variety of disciplines have employed concepts drawn from cultural theory...



Leading the Way to Compromise? Cultural Theory and Climate Change Opinion, PS: Political Science & Politics (2011)

Climate change is easily one of the most contentious policy problems facing the United States....




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Do political television advertisements influence congressional election results? We test a hypothesis that candidates increase...