Mitch Fraas is a Curator of Special Collections at the Kislak Center for Special
Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts at the University of Pennsylvania. He was
formerly Bollinger Fellow in Library Innovation, Co-Director of the Penn Digital
Humanities Forum, and a Scholar in Residence at the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript
Studies. At the Kislak Center, Mitch takes a particular interest in the early modern
collections as well as projects with a special focus on digital humanities. He holds
doctoral and masters degrees in history from Duke University and earned his
bachelor's degree at Boston College. He has written on the legal culture of British
India in the 17th and 18th centuries, the movement of books and manuscripts in the early
modern world, and the history of libraries. He also maintains an active interest in
digital mapping, the history of printing and the book, the digital humanities, as well as
the future of scholarly publishing and copyright. 



Linking Archival Sources in the 2013 American Historical Review, Archive Journal (2014)

An analysis of archival sources used by authors in the 2013 American Historical Review.



Making Claims: Indian litigants and the expansion of the English legal world in the eighteenth century, Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History (2014)

This paper explores the British Imperial legal world of the mid-eighteenth century. Within this period,...



The Royal College of Physicians Survey of Savannah, 1829, Georgia Historical Quarterly (2012)

This article presents the annotated text of an 1829 survey of the state of medicine...



Local History from 8000 Miles Away: Early Colac Court Records in the United States, Provenance (2011)

This article examines a volume of Colac court records from the mid-nineteenth century now held...


Unpublished Papers


The Language of Law: Interpreting Nineteenth-Century legal documents (2015)

The documentary record produced in the course of 19th century American legal proceedings remains one...



"They Have Travailed Into a Wrong Latitude:" The Laws of England, Indian Settlements, and the British Imperial Constitution 1726-1773, PhD Dissertation, Duke University, Department of History (2012)

In the mid-eighteenth century the British Crown claimed a network of territories around the globe...



Readers, Scribes, and Collectors: The dissemination of legal knowledge in eighteenth-century British South Asia (2012)

This draft paper - first presented at the Middle Eastern Studies Association annual conference in...




Beyond the Atlantic: British India, Book Circulation, and the Transmission of Knowledge in the Eighteenth Century, Rare Book School (2015)

Scholars have long understood that in the eighteenth century, the publishing, reading, and book-buying communities...



Mining and Visualizing Manuscript Provenance Data at a Large Scale, Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies (2014)

This presentation uses the Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts to suggest ways in which large amounts...




Mapping Books (2013)

Series of pieces placing book history in geographic context



Legal Databases: A Comparative Analysis (2012)

A comparative report commissioned by the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) on the world of...



Review of "HeinOnline" (2012)

A detailed review of the HeinOnline electronic database commissioned by the Center for Research Libraries...



Review of "LLMC-Digital" (2012)

A detailed review of the LLMC-Digital electronic database commissioned by the Center for Research Libraries...



Unique at Penn (2012)

Blog highlighting unique items from the collections of the University of Pennsylvania Libraries.