Dr. Mindy Miserendino was a postdoctoral fellow in Neuroscience in the Psychiatry
Department at the Yale School of Medicine and also worked there as an Associate Research
Scientist. She has been at Sacred Heart University for the past 12 years, and has worked
with many capable undergraduates conducting psychopharmacological research in the
Neuroscience lab. Dr. Miserendino welcomes inquiries from interested capable students to
work as research assistants. 

Degrees: Ph.D., MA, New York University; BA, Franklin and Marshall College. 

Teaching responsibilities: Physiological Psychology, Experimental Psychology:
Physiological, Experimental Psychology: Learning, Psychopharmacology 

Research interests: Effects of chronic stimulant drug exposure on brain and behavior;
early life experience (enrichment, stress, maternal isolation) effects on later life drug
sensitivity and responding. 



Stress Alters the Discriminative Stimulus and Response Rate Effects of Cocaine Differentially in Lewis and Fischer Inbred Rats (with Therese A. Kosten), Psychology Faculty Publications (2012)

Stress enhances the behavioral effects of cocaine, perhaps via hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis activity. Yet, compared...



Sex-Selective Effects of Neonatal Isolation on Fear Conditioning and Foot Shock Sensitivity (with Therese A. Kosten, Joan C. Bombace, Hongjoo J. Lee, and Jeansok J. Kim), Psychology Faculty Publications (2005)

Our previous work demonstrates enduring effects of the early life stress of neonatal isolation (ISO)....



Strain Differences in Response to Escapable and Inescapable Novel Environments and Their Ability to Predict Amphetaimine-Induced Locomotor Activity (with Colin N. Haile and Therese A. Kosten), Psychology Faculty Publications (2003)

Locomotor response to novelty predicts locomotor and reinforcing effects of psychostimulant drugs in outbred rats....



Enhanced Acquisition of Cocaine Self-Administration in Adult Rats With Neonatal Isolation Stress Experience (with Therese A. Kosten and Priscilla Kehoe), Psychology Faculty Publications (2000)

Examined the acquisition of self-administered cocaine addiction in adult male rats with neonatal isolation stress...



Dissociation of Novelty- and Cocaine-Conditioned Locomotor Activity from Cocaine Place Conditioning (with Therese A. Kosten), Psychology Faculty Publications (1998)

igh locomotor response to novelty is associated with ease of drug self-administration but does not...




Insights: Social Psychology: A Customized Social Psychology Reader (with Christina J. Taylor, comp.), Psychology Faculty Publications (2001)

Readings chosen by Christina J. Taylor, Sacred Heart University, from Insights: Readings in Social Psychology,...