Being Trusted: How Team Generational Age Diversity Promotes and Undermines Trust in Cross-Boundary Relationships, Articles and Chapters (2015)

We examine how demographic context influences the trust that boundary spanners experience in their dyadic...



Is It Me or Her? How Gender Composition Evokes Interpersonally Sensitive Behavior on Collaborative Cross-Boundary Projects (with Evan Polman), Articles and Chapters (2015)

This paper investigates how professional workers’ willingness to act with interpersonal sensitivity is influenced by...



The Experience of Failed Humor: Implications for Interpersonal Affect Regulation (with Kyle J. Emich), Journal of Business and Psychology (2014)

The purpose of this study was to investigate failed interpersonal affect regulation through the lens...



When Do Female-Owned Businesses Out-Survive Male-Owned Businesses? A Disaggregated Approach by Industry and Geography (with Arturs Kalnins), Journal of Business Venturing (2014)

Studies have invoked several theoretical perspectives to explain differences between female-owned businesses and male-owned businesses....



The Ins and Outs of Change of Shift Handoffs Between Nurses: A Communication Challenge (with John S. Carroll and Theresa M. Gallivan), Articles and Chapters (2012)

From the British Medical Journal: Quality & Safety:

Background: Communication breakdowns have been identified as...


Contributions to Books


Thinking About You: Perspective Taking, Perceived Restraint, and Performance, Articles and Chapters (2015)

Conflict often arises when incompatible ideas, values or interests lead to actions that harm others....



A Voice is Worth a Thousand Words: The Implications of the Micro-Coding of Social Signals in Speech for Trust Research (with Benjamin Waber, John Carroll, and Alex Pentland), Articles and Chapters (2012)

From Handbook of Research Methods on Trust:

While self-report measures are often highly reliable for...



Perspective Taking: Building Positive Interpersonal Connections and Trustworthiness One Interaction at a Time (Download Perspective Taking Survey Items), The Oxford Handbook of Positive Organizational Scholarship (2012)

There is growing interest in the role of perspective taking in organizations. Perspective taking has...



Building and Rebuilding Trust: Why Perspective Taking Matters, Restoring Trust in Organizations and Leaders: Enduring Challenges and Emerging Answers (2011)

[Excerpt] There is growing interest surrounding the function of perspective taking in social interactions and...




Affect, Emotion and Emotion Regulation in the Workplace: Feelings and Attitudinal Restructuring, Articles and Chapters (2015)

[Excerpt] Almost 40 years after publishing A Behavioral Theory of Labor Negotiations in 1965, the...



Generational Diversity Can Enhance Trust Across Boundaries, Policy & Issue Briefs (2015)

In interorganizational project teams, generational diversity among team members undermines the experience of trust within...



ILR Impact Brief - Building Trust and Cooperation in Boundary-Spanning Teams, Policy & Issue Briefs (2008)

[Excerpt] Knowledge workers engaged in interorganizational collaborative initiatives (i.e., boundary spanners) can actively build and...