Dr. French is a professor of health economics in the Department of Sociology at the
University of Miami, with secondary appointments in the Department of Economics and
Department of Epidemiology and Public Health. He is also director of the Health Economics
Research Group in the Department of Sociology and research director of the Health
Administration and Policy Program in the School of Business Administration. 



The Impact of Parental Drinking on Children's Use of Health Care (with Ana I. Balsa), Substance Use and Misuse (2012)

While a significant body of literature documents the health problems of children caused by and/or...



The Economic Costs of Quarterly Monitoring and Recovery Management Checkups for Adults with Chronic Substance Use Disorders (with Michael L. Dennis, Kathryn E. McCollister, and Christy K. Scott), Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment (2011)

Recovery management checkups (RMCs) for clients with substance use disorders reduce the time from relapse...



Alcohol Use and Popularity: Social Payoffs from Conforming to Peers' Behavior (with Ana Balsa, Jenny Homer, and Edward Norton), The Journal of Research on Adolescence (2011)

Although many economic analyses of adolescents have examined the costs of risky behaviors, few have...



Beauty and the Labor Market: Accounting for the Additional Effects of Personality and Grooming (with Philip K. Robins and Jenny F. Homer), LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations (2011)

This paper examines the influence of three non-cognitive personal traits — beauty, personality, and grooming...



Disseminating quality improvement: study protocol for a large cluster-randomized trial (with Andrew R. Quanbeck, David H. Gustafson, James H. Ford II, Alice Pulvermacher, K John McConnell, and Dennis M. McCarty), Implementation Science (2011)

Background: Dissemination is a critical facet of implementing quality improvement in organizations. As a field,...