Marie-Line Germain’s Ph.D. is in Leadership with a specialization in Human Resource
Development. Her research interests include leadership, organizational psychology, and
human resource development, with a specific focus on the concept of human expertise and
mental health in the workplace. She has authored several manuscripts presented at
national and international conferences and has published book chapters and research
articles in peer-reviewed journals such as Human Resource Development Quarterly, Human
Resource Development Review, Human Resource Development International, Performance
Improvement Quarterly, Advances in Developing Human Resources, etc. Dr. Germain is a
current review board member for the journal Career Development International and for the
Mentoring and Coaching in Education journal. She was on the Reviewer Board for The
Journal of International Business Studies and is an ad-hoc reviewer for half a dozen
peer-reviewed journals. She is a member of several professional organizations, including
the American Psychological Association, the Academy of Management, the Society for
Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the Academy of Human Resource Development and
the Southern Management Association, and has been the recipient of several national
grants and research awards (including the national and competitive "Dissertation of
the Year Award" from AHRD) and several reviewer awards. She is an associate
professor of Human Resources and Leadership at Western Carolina University (The
University of North Carolina). In 2015, she was a scholar in South Korea. In 2014, she
was a visiting professor in Finland and a scholar in Japan through the Japan Studies
Institute. She has presented her research at international conferences (India, The
Netherlands, Brazil, France, Canada, India, and Peru). She has been a pro-bono HR
consultant to over 40 nonprofits and small businesses in SC, NC, TN, and VA since 2011.
She is the current Book Review Editor for the European Journal of Training and
Development. She is a leadership member of the Eastern Academy of Management
international. Also, she and three research colleagues from Canada and France are in the
process of creating an international coalition on Suicide Prevention in the Workplace.
Before her career in academia, Dr. Germain was a marketing manager for the 2nd largest
timeshare exchange company in the U.S. Her hobbies include dancing 1920s Charleston and
flying single-engine airplanes (private pilot license). 



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