Visual Communication Publications

The Computer is Human: A Media Analysis of the Get a Mac Ad Campaign (with Ramona Santa Maria), The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge, and Society (2012)

Computer technology is invested with human characteristics and personalities in Apple's recent (2006-10) "Get a...

Representations of Gender in the Get A Mac Ad Campaign (with Ramona SantaMaria), Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal (2011)

The absence of women in significant technology roles in Appleā€™s Get a Mac advertising campaign,...

Walk, 16mm film, 3 min., 2006, The Journal of Short Film (2010)

Selected Screenings

Autobiographical Works


Runaway, HDV + Super-8 Film, 75 min. (with Brian Milbrand and Courtney Grim) (2013)

Directed by Meg Knowles; Produced by Brian Milbrand,& Courtney Grim Runaway tells the story of...

Retro-spectacle, HDV, 2 min. (2010)

A stop-frame animated summation of 20 years of eyeglass design and personal experience.

Walk, 16mm film, 3 min. (2006)

A documentation of personal change, distraction and devotion, shot on film over 3 months.


Termite TV Collective Programs

Open House, included in Termite TV Collective's Shelter Show, HDV, 4 min. (2009)

University at Buffalo Architecture students participate in a creative architectural experiment.

Water, Coordinating Producer, Living Documentary Series, HDV, 30 min. (2007)

We have a complex relationship with this building block of life. Water landscapes can serve...

Niagara, Co-Producer, Living Documentary Series, HDV, 30 min. (with Dorothea Braemer) (2005)

Love Canal, Nikola Tesla, a comparison between the Canadian and the American side of Niagara...


Historical Documentaries

See That the World is Moving, HDV, 26 min. (with Holly Johnson) (2008)

The story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton's creation of the First Women's Rights Convention held in...


Community Documentaries

Restoring Community at the Asarese Matters Community Center, HDV, 12 min. (2010)

The Friends of the Asarese Matters Community Center at Buffalo State College collaborate to update...

Growing Green, Mini-DV, 17 min. (Produced by Squeaky Wheel and Massachusetts Avenue Project) (2007)

Growing Green in Buffalo, NY is the story of 30 teenagers coming together to grow...



Shootout: 39 Steps, HDV, 2 min. (2009)

Collaborative Installation with painter Felice Koenig. Animated documentation of a painter's process.

Shootout: Gardening, HDV, 10 min. (2009)

Collaborative installation with painter Felice Koenig. Documentation of a painting process.

Rat Race, Installation, Video Projection in Fish Tank, Motorized Hamster Wheel, Jitter, Mini-DV, Interactive (2007)

This live performance/ interactive installation was created for Hallwalls' Artists & Models Affair.