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Runaway, HDV + Super-8 Film, 75 min.

Meg Knowles, Buffalo State College
Brian Milbrand, Buffalo State College
Courtney Grim, Medaille College


Directed by Meg Knowles; Produced by Brian Milbrand,& Courtney Grim Runaway tells the story of the filmmaker’s sister, who, in the summer of 1973, disappeared from a New England riding camp at age 14. Despite extensive investigations by both police and detectives, months passed and her family could find no trace of her. For more than 35 years, her family has never discussed their experiences of that summer – until now

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Meg Knowles, Brian Milbrand, and Courtney Grim. "Runaway, HDV + Super-8 Film, 75 min." 2013
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