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Representations of Gender in the Get A Mac Ad Campaign

Meg Knowles, Buffalo State College
Ramona SantaMaria, Buffalo State College


The absence of women in significant technology roles in Apple’s Get a Mac advertising campaign, which ran on television and internet from 2006-2010, reveals a gender gap. This lack of representation becomes a hidden curriculum suggesting that computers are exclusively reserved for men, and influencing the way women and girls associate ideas of technology and gender, affecting their career choices and relationships to technology. This paper undertakes an analysis of the representation of gender in these commercials, through both the anthropomorphized leads and the other characters in the campaign, and will substantiate the thesis that Get a Mac reproduces negative stereotypes regarding women and technology.

Suggested Citation

Meg Knowles and Ramona SantaMaria. "Representations of Gender in the Get A Mac Ad Campaign" Ubiquitous Learning: An International Journal 3 (2011).

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