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A lipid trial tracking system

Philip A. Merriam, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Ira S. Ockene, University of Massachusetts Medical School
James R. Hebert
Yunsheng Ma, University of Massachusetts Medical School


A computerized tracking system was developed for the monitoring of recruitment and participant follow-up in the Worcester Area Trial for Counseling in Hyperlipidemia (WATCH). In this study, over 8,000 subjects were screened, from which 1,278 were recruited over a two-year period. Subjects were randomized into three conditions (one is control, the other two with interventions) and followed for one year. Patient lipid profiles, dietary intakes, and psychosocial data were collected at baseline and after one year. The tracking system developed proved essential to the efficient management of WATCH and can be adapted for other research and nonresearch purposes.

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Philip A. Merriam, Ira S. Ockene, James R. Hebert, and Yunsheng Ma. "A lipid trial tracking system" Journal of public health management and practice : JPHMP 3.6 (1997).
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