Before coming to Sacred Heart University, Dr. Maureen Conard worked as a consultant
for corporations and as a testing and validation specialist for a city in Connecticut.
She encourages students to come and talk to her if they are interested in pursuing
psychology-related careers in business settings. 

Degrees: Ph.D., MA, University of Connecticut; BA Providence College. 

Teaching responsibilities: Industrial-organizational psychology; Personnel psychology;
Job analysis and competency modeling; Consumer psychology; and Critical thinking in

Dr. Conard's research interests include: interruptions and performance, personality
and performance, personality and stress, and personnel selection. 



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"It has become common practice for people to multitask with electronic devices in everyday situations....



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A pull system using kanban is commonly used in manufacturing settings to efficiently control the...



Modeling the Stress Process: Personality Eclipses Dysfunctional Cognitions and Workload in Predicting Stress (with Russell A. Matthews), Psychology Faculty Publications (2008)

In the occupational stress literature, research results demonstrate that the trait of neuroticism (or negative...



Aptitude is Not Enough: How Personality and Behavior Predict Academic Performance, Psychology Faculty Publications (2006)

The study investigated the incremental validity of Big Five personality traits for predicting academic criteria...




Affirmative Action: A Review of Psychological and Behavioral Research (with David A. Kravitz, David A. Harrison, Marlene E. Turner, Edward L. Levine, Wanda Chaves, Michael T. Brannick, Donna L. Denning, and Craig J. Russell), Sacred Heart University Faculty Scholarship (1997)

"In September of 1995, the Scientific Affairs Committee of the Society for Industrial and Organizational...