I am a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Heritage and Society at UMass
Amherst, a multidisciplinary research, teaching and policy initiative to craft new
approaches to cultural heritage conservation and communication internationally. My
research examines the use of cultural heritage as a resource for urban regeneration and
social development in the Caribbean and Latin America as well as North America. I have
published and conducted extensive research on UNESCO World Heritage sites in Cuba and the
Spanish-speaking Caribbean, and teach courses on international heritage policy and urban
heritage development at UMass Amherst. 

I also work on issues of corporate risk and uncertainty. I recently completed managing a
large mixed methods research project on leadership and governance practices in
catastrophic risk management at the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes
Center. Drawing on the experience of major U.S. companies and international corporations,
the project is conducting interviews with company executives and directors about their
practices in addressing and preparing for catastrophic risks. This research, which is
being carried out in collaboration with Travelers Insurance, seeks to develop policy
recommendations on effective strategies for managing corporate risk in light of new forms
of global economic interdependency and global climate change. 

As an applied anthropologist, I have also worked with city governments on the sustainable
redevelopment of historic park systems and downtowns. My clients have included cities,
public parks, foundations, institutions of higher education, and nonprofit organizations,
including Philadelphia's Center City District, the nonprofit technology provider
Tech Impact, and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. 

I graduated from the University of Chicago and hold a Ph.D. in sociocultural



Contributions to Books


Reimagining Old Havana: World Heritage and the Production of Scale in Late Socialist Cuba, Deciphering the Global: Its Spaces, Scalings, and Subjects (2007)


100 Papitos in Old Havana’: Entrepreneurial Heritage, ‘Desarrollo Integral’ and Self-Care in Late Socialist Cuba (with Maki Tanaka), 111th American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings (2013)

Cuba as ‘Exception’: UNESCO’s World Heritage Program and the Neoliberal Management of Historic Centers.” (with Maki Tanaka), Center for Heritage and Society, “The Past for Sale? The Economic Entanglements of Cultural Heritage.” (2013)

Co-creating Heritage Landscapes: A topographical inquiry of urban historic centers in late socialist Cuba (with Maki Tanaka), 110th American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings (2012)

Planning Assemblages in the Late Socialist City: Creating and Contesting Utopia in Old Havana, Cuba, 109th American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings, Montreal (2011)

The Future(s) of the Past: The Cultural Politics of Patrimony, Traditionalism and Difference in Late Socialist Cuba, Bildner Center for Western Hemisphere Studies, New York University, "Cuba Futures: Past and Present" (2011)