Matt Knight completed his M.A. in Celtic Languages & Literatures from Harvard
University in 2005 and received an MA in Library and Information Science from the
University of South Florida in 2009. 

As Coordinator of the Special Collections department, Matt works extensively with the
Dion Boucicault Theatre Collection, the Alvin P. Yorkunas Collection, the Robert Helps
Collection, and the Anglo-Irish Literature collection. 

Contributions to Books

The Right Tool at the Right Time: Implementing Responsive Reproduction Policies and Procedures (with Melanie Griffin), Reference and Access: Innovative Practices for Archives and Special Collections (2014)


“Letters Home to the Crackerbox: Al Yorkunas’ World War II Correspondence”, Florida Historical Society Annual Conference (2014)

"Fenianism and the Celtic Renaissance", University of South Florida Libraries (2014)

"The Female Voice in Irish Elegiac Poetry, 900-1500 AD", 21st Southeast Conference for Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Film (2014)

We find two genres of poetry focused on death and the dead in Old and...


"Overexposed and Underappreciated: The Fortunes and Failures of Dion Boucicault", South Atlantic Modern Languages Association (2013)

Dion Boucicault was one of the most prolific and popular playwrights of the 19th century,...


“’To be unrecognized by such an age as this, is an honor’—a study of Dion Boucicault’s unpublished play, Ourselves.”, Popular Culture Association Conference (2012)

In a paper written shortly before his death in 1890, Dion Boucicault acknowledged that the...