Mary Ann Chirba holds a bachelor's degree in biology from Colgate University
and a J.D., magna cum laude, from Boston College Law School. She holds a Doctorate of
Science in Health Policy and Management as well as a Master's in Public Health from
the Harvard School of Public Health. She is the author, along with Alice Noble and
Michael Maddigan, of Health Care Reform: Law and Practice - A Comprehensive Guide to the
Affordable Care Act and its Implementing Regulations, a major new treatise published by
Lexis Nexis/Matthew Bender in 2013. 

Since 1984, Professor Chirba has taught a variety of courses at Boston College Law
School, including Legal Reasoning Research & Writing, Health Care Law and Policy I
and II, Advocacy Writing, Advanced Legal Writing, and Product Liability Law. In 1999, she
was appointed Assistant Professor of Legal Reasoning, Research & Writing at Boston
College Law School and continues to teach a variety of health law courses. 

Professor Chirba currently lectures on various health law issues at Harvard Medical
School, Children's Hospital of Boston, and Tufts Medical School. A former litigator,
she has also been certified by the American Health Law Association as a mediator and
arbitrator. In past years, Professor Chirba has been an adjunct faculty member at the
Harvard School of Public Health, where she taught courses on Pharmaceutical Product
Safety, “The Tobacco Wars,” Current Developments in Health Law, Managed Care Law &
Regulation, and Medical Malpractice & Risk Management. 

Her current research interests are varied and include legal protections for disabled
children, the use of law and regulation to promote medical product safety, emerging
federal and international guidelines for stem cell research, and federal and state health
care reform, including ERISA preemption of state efforts to regulate managed care. 


Health Care Reform: Law and Practice (with Alice A. Noble and Michael M. Maddigan) (2013)

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed comprehensive health reform, the Patient Protection and Affordable...


Health Law and Policy


FDA Regulation of Adult Stem Cell Therapies as Used in Sports Medicine (with Berkly Sweetapple, Charles P. Hannon, and John A. Anderson), Journal of Knee Surgery (2015)

In sports medicine, adult stem cells are the subject of great interest. Several uses of...

Regulatory Updates to Health Care Reform: Law and Practice (with Alice A. Noble and Michael M. Maddigan) (2015)


Our Bodies, Our Cells: FDA Regulation of Autologous Adult Stem Cell Therapies (with Alice Noble), Bill of Health (2013)

Stem cells have been an endless source of fascination and controversy since Dolly the sheep...



The ACA’s Tobacco Use Rating: Implementation, Inconsistencies and Ironies (with Alice Noble), HealthLawProf Blog (2013)

As the Affordable Care Act continues toward full implementation, the law’s complexity is on full...


Food and Drug Law


A Decade’s Quest for Safer Drugs: Congressional Committee Green Lights Regulation of Drug Supply Chains and Compounding Manufacturers (with Alice Noble), Bill of Health (2013)

On May 22. 2013, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee unanimously approved...


Legal Analysis and Writing

Do Not Edit When You Need to Revise (with E. Joan Blum, Elisabeth Keller, and Judith B. Tracy), Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (2010)

Legal Education


What Legal Employers Want and Really Need (with E. Joan Blum, Elisabeth Keller, and Judith Tracey), The Second Draft (2011)

Legal Profession


What Legal Employers Want and Really Need (with E. Joan Blum, Elisabeth Keller, and Judith Tracey), The Second Draft (2011)

Administrative Law


Regulatory Improvement Legislation: Judicial Review of Provisions Regarding Risk Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis (with Frederick Anderson, E. Donald Elliott, Cynthia Farina, Ernest Gelhorn, John D. Graham, C. Boyden Gray, Jeffrey R. Holmstead, Ronald M. Levin, Lars Noah, Katherine Rhyne, and Jonathan Weiner), Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum (1999)

Civil Rights and Discrimination

Criminal Procedure

Labor and Employment Law

Selected Professional Activities

The ACA: Where Did it Come From and Where is It Going?, New York University Law School (2015)
King v. Burwell: Reflections on the Long and Bumpy Road to ACA Implementation, Massachusetts Bar Association 2015 Annual Health Law Conference (2015)
Panelist, Impact of Regulation and the FDA on Stem Cell Development, Rothman Institute's Stem Cells and Biologics in Sports Medicine Summit (2014)
Panelist, The Contraceptive Mandate, he Affordable Care Act: Intersections of Law, Health, and Society, NYU Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life (2014)