Dr. Trefry began teaching at Sacred Heart University in 1994. From the mid-1980s
until 1999 when she began teaching full-time, she worked with a consortium of independent
consultants, specializing in change management, performance appraisal systems, and
management training. She had previously worked in senior management positions in large
public library systems in Kansas City, Kansas and suburban Washington, D.C.. At Sacred
Heart University Dr. Trefry has served as MBA Director, Luxembourg Programs Liaison, and
Chair of the Management Department. 

Degrees: Ph.D. and M.A. in organizational psychology from Columbia University; M.L.S. in
library and information services from the University of Maryland; B.A. in French from
Agnes Scott College. 

Her areas of teaching include leadership,organizational behavior, cross-cultural
management and managing change. She teaches primarily in the MBA program, both in
Connecticut and Luxembourg. 

Dr. Trefry's research interests focus on cross-cultural issues and change
management. She has presented her research at academic conferences, both in the United
States and in Europe. 



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