A Faculty Workshop on Student Assessment (with Iris M. Totten, Kirsten Nicolaysen, and Sheryl Hodge), The International Journal of Learning (2008)

A faculty workshop was conducted that showcased assessment activities that could be incorporated into undergraduate...


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Relative to most parts of North America, the Great Plains region, which is bordered by...


Contributions to Books

Structural evolution and vorticity of flow during extrusion and exhumation of the Greater Himalayan Slab, Mount Everest Massif, Tibet/Nepal: implications for orogen-scale flow partitioning (with M. J. Jessup, R. D. Law, and M. P. Searle), Channel Flow, Ductile Extrusion and Exhumation in Continental Collision Zones (2006)

The Greater Himalayan Slab (GHS) is composed of a north-dipping anatectic core, bounded above by...


Highest tides of the world (with A. W. Archer), Extreme Depositional Environments: Mega end members in Geologic Time (2003)


The Black Hills: a keystone of North American continental evolution for over 2.6 billion years (with P. S. Dahl, G. Duke, E. F. Duke, and P. I. Nabelek), Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union (2006)

Using Facilitated Planning Sessions In Geoscience Program Development (with R. Andrews), GSA Abstracts with Programs (2006)

Structural evolution of a young sedimentary basin (Blythe River basin) in a subduction to strike-slip setting, NE South Island, New Zealand (with P. Sen, J. Pettinga, and C. Oviatt), Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union (2005)

USArray and the Great Plains: workshop results and the Rocky Mountain Connection (with S. Gao, K. Liu, J. Oviatt, and K. Nicolaysen), Geology Faculty Publications (2005)