Mary L. Dudziak is the Judge Edward J. and Ruey L. Guirado Professor of Law, History
and Political Science at the University of Southern California Law School. A legal
historian whose research focuses on international approaches to American legal history,
she has written extensively about the impact of foreign affairs on civil rights policy
during the Cold War and other topics in 20th-century American legal history. Her newest
book is Exporting American Dreams: Thurgood Marshall’s African Journey (Oxford University
Press, 2008), on Thurgood Marshall’s work on the Kenya independence constitution. Current
projects include How War Made America: A 20th Century History, under contract with Oxford
University Press. 

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Exporting American Dreams: Thurgood Marshall's African Journey (2008)

Book description from Oxford University Press:

Thurgood Marshall became a living icon of civil rights...



Legal Borderlands: Law and the Construction of American Borders (with Leti Volpp) (2006)

This volume interrogates law's role in constituting American borders. It has been a project of...


September 11 in History: A Watershed Moment? (2003)

Within hours after the collapse of the Twin Towers, the idea that the September 11...


Cold War Civil Rights: Race and the Image of American Democracy (2000)

This study explores the impact of foreign affairs on U.S. civil rights policy during the...



The Little Rock Crisis and Foreign Affairs: Race, Resistance, and the Image of American Democracy (1997)

When President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas to enforce a...


Articles and Essays


Law, War, and the History of Time, University of Southern California (2009)

Assumptions about time are an aspect of the basic architecture of our thinking about law...


The Case of “Death for a Dollar Ninety-Five”: Finding America in American Injustice, Making Sense of Miscarriages of Justice (2009)

This is a story about a case long forgotten. It was a case that needed...



Thurgood Marshall's Bill of Rights for Kenya, Green Bag (2008)

In Thurgood Marshall’s office after his death, draped over an armchair in the morning sun,...



Making Law/Making War in a World on Fire (revised 10/12/06), Cambridge History of Law in America (forthcoming 2007) (2006)

It is often said that “in times of war, law is silent,” but this essay...



Working toward Democracy: Thurgood Marshall and the Constitution of Kenya, Duke Law Journal (2006)

This Article is a work of transnational legal history. Drawing upon new research in foreign...


Other Works


Interchange: History in the Professional Schools, Journal of American History (2005)

Short Essays and Op-Eds