Marlina Slamet, Ph.D. joined the Sacred Heart University faculty in 1995. Dr.
Slamet's teaching focus is introductory physics courses for science majors and
students in pre-health profession programs. 

Dr. Slamet stood first in the City University of New York-wide doctoral qualifying
examination in 1988 and received the University Scholarship and Fellowship Awards from
Graduate School and University Center of The City University of New York from 1987 to

She has been serving as Chair of the Sacred Heart University Poster Session
(Undergraduate Research and Creativity) since 2002, and is a member of The American
Physical Society, and The American Association of Physics Teachers. 

Degrees: Ph.D. in Physics from Graduate School and University Center of CUNY; MA in
Physics from Brooklyn College of CUNY; BS in Physics from theUniversity of Indonesia,
Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Dr. Slamet's research includes Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, related to the
determination of electronic structure in atoms and solids, such as Kohn-Sham
Density-Functional Theory, Local-Density Approximation, Quantal Density-Functional Theory
(Work Formalism of Harbola and Sahni), Hartree-Fock Theory, and the most recent:
Constrained-Search Variational Method using Wave Function Functional. 



Wave-Function Functionals for the Density, Physics Faculty Publications (2011)

We extend the idea of the constrained-search variational method for the construction of wave-function functionals...



Wave Function Functionals (with Xiao-Yin Pan and Viraht Sahni), Physics Faculty Publications (2010)

We extend our prior work on the construction of variational wave functions ψ that are...



Local Effective Potential Theory: Nonuniqueness of Potential and Wave Function (with Viraht Sahni and Xiao-Yin Pan), Physics Faculty Publications (2007)

In local effective potential energy theories such as the Hohenberg-Kohn-Sham density functional theory (HKS-DFT) and...



Quantal Density Functional Theory: Wave Function Arbitrariness of the Noninteracting Fermion Model (with Viraht Sahni), Physics Faculty Publications (2006)

In quantal density functional theory (Q-DFT), the mapping from either a ground or excited state...



A Comparison of High-Profile and Low-Profile Dynamic Mobilization Splint Designs (with Gary P. Austin, David Cameron, and Noelle M. Austin), Faculty Publications (2004)

Despite claims that the high-profile dynamic mobilization splint design requires less frequent adjustments than the...