Selected Works


Using Land Swaps to Concentrate Redevelopment and Expand Resettlement Options in Post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, Journal of the American Planning Association (2014)

Problem, research strategy, and findings: Although many researchers frame post-disaster reconstruction as an opportunity to...


Recovery in a shrinking city: Challenges to “Rightsizing” post-Katrina New Orleans (with Renia Ehrenfeuct), Cities After Abandonment (2013)


Young professionals as ambivalent change agents in New Orleans after the 2005 hurricanes, Urban Studies (2013)

After the 2005 hurricanes, newcomers arrived in New Orleans to help rebuild the city. The...



Planning, population loss and equity in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina (with Renia Ehrenfeuct), Planning Practice and Research (2011)

Shrinking, slow-growth and fast-growth cities have different opportunities and constraints. This paper uses New Orleans...



Chains and Ladders: Exploring the Opportunities for Workforce Development and Poverty Reduction in the Hospital Sector, Economic Development Quarterly (2010)

In this article, the authors investigate the potential of hospitals to offer low- and semiskilled...


Book reviews


Constructing Crises A Review of Kevin Fox Gotham and Miriam Greenberg’s “Crisis Cities: Disaster and Redevelopment in New York and New Orleans (2015)

A new book by Kevin Fox Gotham and Miriam Greenberg foregrounds the disturbing parallels between...


Policy Brief


Persistent Low Wages in New Orleans’ Economic Resurgence: Policies for Improving Earnings for the Working Poor (with Laura Wolf-Powers and Jessica Fisch) (2015)

Despite New Orleans’ economic resurgence post-Katrina, many workers remain stuck in low-wage jobs. Nearly 60...



Supporting Permanently Affordable Housing in the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program: An Analysis of State Qualified Allocation Plans (with Elizabeth Source) (2013)

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program is the country’s largest source of federal...