Dr. Schmitz’s research and teaching interests encompass an understanding of the
processes associated with the tectonic, geochemical, and thermal evolution of the
continental lithosphere. He works to integrate igneous and metamorphic petrology, major
and trace element geochemistry, radiogenic isotope and geochronological tools, and
thermal and chemical diffusive modeling to probe samples of the continental crust and
underlying lithospheric mantle. His research is also incorporated into his teaching,
which encompasses undergraduate and graduate-level courses in geochemistry, isotope
geology, and geochronology, and their petrologic and tectonic applications. 



High-Precision U-Pb CA-TIMS Calibration of Middle Permian to Lower Triassic Sequences, Mass Extinction and Extreme Climate-Change in Eastern Australian Gondwana (with I. Metcalfe, J. Crowley, and R. S. Nicoll), Gondwana Research (2015)

Twenty-eight new high-precision Chemical Abrasion Isotope Dilution Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometry U-Pb zircon dates for...



Kikiktat Volcanics of Arctic Alaska—Melting of Harzburgitic Mantle Associated with the Franklin Large Igneous Province (with Grant M. Cox, Justin V. Strauss, Galen P. Halverson, William C. McClelland, Ross S. Stevenson, and Francis A. Macdonald), Lithosphere (2015)

The Kikiktat volcanics (new name) of the northeastern Brooks Range of Arctic Alaska are exceptionally...



Filling the Gap: New Precise Early Cretaceous Radioisotopic Ages from the Andes (with Beatriz Aguirre-Urreta, Marina Lescano, Maisa Tunik, Andrea Concheyro, Peter F. Rawson, and Victor A. Ramos), Geological Magazine (2015)

Two tuffs in the Lower Cretaceous Agrio Formation, Neuquén Basin, provided U–Pb zircon radioisotopic ages...



Westward Growth of Laurentia by Pre–Late Jurassic Terrane Accretion, Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho, United States (with Todd A. LaMaskin, Rebecca J. Dorsey, Jeffrey D. Vervoort, Kyle P. Tumpane, and Nicholas O. Moore), The Journal of Geology (2015)

New U-Pb and Sm-Nd data from the Blue Mountains province, eastern Oregon and western Idaho,...



High-Precision U-Pb Zircon Age Constraints on the Duration of Rapid Biogeochemical Events During the Ludlow Epoch (Silurian Period) (with Bradley D. Cramer, Warren D. Huff, and Stig M. Bergström), Journal of the Geological Society (2015)

Precise determinations of the rates and durations of Palaeozoic biogeochemical events are largely unavailable. Here,...




The Geologic Time Scale 2012 (with Felix M. Gradstein, James G. Ogg, and Gabi M. Ogg), Faculty Authored Books (2012)

The Geologic Time Scale 2012 is the framework for deciphering the history of our planet...



Online Activities for Teaching the Science of Geochronology (with Karen Viskupic, Chareen Snelson, Ross Perkins, and Greg Cossette), Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America (2011)

We are developing a series of engaging, effective, and usable virtual labs/online activities to teach...