Mark Grunewald, the James P. Morefield Professor of Law at Washington and Lee
University. Grunewald has been a member of the law faculty since 1976, and has taught and
written widely in the areas of labor and employment law and administrative law. He served
as associate dean from 1992 to 1996 and as interim dean from 1999-2000 and again from

Prior to joining the W&L faculty, he was an attorney in the U.S. Department of
Justice, Office of Legal Counsel, and before that, an associate in the Washington, D.C.
law firm of Arent, Fox, Kitner, Plotkin & Kahn. 



A Tribute to Frederic L. Kirgis (with Mark Drumbl, Jose E. Alvarez, David Partlett, David Millon, Blake D. Morant, Detlev F. Vagts, Paul F. Kirgis, John H. Jackson, Lucinda A. Low, Malgosia Fitzmaurice, Joan M. Shaughnessy, Brian C. Murchison, Samuel W. Calhoun, David Wirth, and Roger D. Groot), Washington and Lee Law Review (2005)
Freedom of Information and Confidentiality Under the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act, Administrative Law Journal of the American University (1996)


A Dedication to Randall P. Bezanson (with John W. Elrod, Lewis H. LaRue, J. Hardin Marion, Doug Rendleman, and Allan W. Vestal), Washington and Lee Law Review (1995)

Contributions to Books


Legal Theory and Case-Based Reasoners: The Importance of Context and teh Process of Focusing, Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (1991)
LESTER: Using Paradigm Cases in a Quasi-Precedential Legal Domain, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (1989)