Seventeen Years Since the Sunset: The Expiration of 245(i) and Its Effect on U.S. Citizens Married to Undocumented Immigrants, Chapman Law Review (2015)

One of the most pervasive myths of U.S. immigration law is that marriage to a...



U.S. Immigration Law: Where Antiquated Views on Gender and Sexual Orientation Go to Die, Wayne Law Review (2010)

This Essay examines the paradoxical approaches to gender and sexual orientation bias within the U.S....



Pulling the Trigger: Separation Violence as the Basis for Battered Women (with Dr. Cladia David), American University Law Review (2009)

Maria Elena fears for her life. For years she has lived under the rule of...



Exit Tragedy (with Dr. John Hall), L.A. Daily Journal (2008)

Last year the United States deported thousands of lawful residents.

Current immigration law requires deportation...


Working Papers


Batterers as Agents of the State: Challenging the Public/Private Distinction in Intimate Partner Violence-Based Asylum Claims, ExpressO (2011)

Intimate partner violence has been recognized by asylum-providing countries as a form of persecution. Nevertheless,...



The “Arizonification” of Immigration Law: Implications of Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting for State and Local Immigration Laws, ExpressO (2011)

This article explores the validity of state and local immigration-related legislation through the lens of...