Professor Woo teaches civil procedure, administrative law and comparative law. In
1997, she was named the law school's Distinguished Professor of Public Policy. She
is also a faculty director for the law school's Program on Human Rights and the
Global Economy. 

Professor Woo has published and spoken widely on China's legal reform. She is a
former fellow of the Bunting Institute (Radcliffe College) and is presently an associate
of the East Asian Legal Studies Program at Harvard University. She has received many
prestigious grants from a variety of organizations, including the National Science
Foundation and the Ford Foundation, and is on the Senior Scholar Roster for the Fulbright
Scholars Program. She is the co-editor of East Asian Law: Universal Norms and Local
Culture (Routledge, 2003), and Chinese Justice: Civil Dispute Resolution in Contemporary
China (Cambridge University Press, 2011). She is also coauthor of Litigating in America:
Civil Procedure in Context (Aspen Publishing, 2006). 

Professor Woo has served on the board of trustees for numerous organizations, including
for the Brown Club of Boston, Harry Dow Legal Assistance Fund, and the Asian American
Legal Defense and Education Fund. 



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