Alan C. Marco is the Acting Chief Economist at the US Patent and Trademark Office.
His research focuses primarily on patent policy, with particular emphasis on uncertainty
in intellectual property rights. He has studied court errors, the consequences of
uncertainty on firm strategy, incentives for consolidation, and regulatory delay. He has
general interests in industrial organization and law & economics. 

Dr. Marco received his PhD in economics from the University of California at Berkeley,
and has previously held positions as associate professor in the Williams School of
Commerce at Washington and Lee University and associate professor at Vassar College.



Complementarities and spillovers in mergers: an empirical investigation using patent data (with Gordon C. Rausser), Economics of Innovation and New Technology (2011)

We investigate the merger behavior of firms in the plant biotechnology sector using firm-level patent...



The Economics of a Centralized Judiciary: Uniformity, Forum Shopping, and the Federal Circuit (with Scott Atkinson and John H. Turner), Journal of Law and Economics (2009)

In 1982, the US Congress established the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC)...



The Problem of Shared Social Cost (with Adon S. Van Woerden and Robert M. Woodward), Review of Law & Economics (2009)

This paper presents a mechanism for regulating pollution when industry harm--but not individual firms' contributions--is...



The Role of Patent Rights in Mergers: Consolidation in Plant Biotechnology (with Gordon C. Rausser), American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2008)

Few empirical papers have addressed the impact of the patent system on industry structure. Using...



The Dynamics of Patent Citations, Economics Letters (2007)

The use of patent citations as a measure of patent “quality” increased dramatically in recent...


Contributions to Books

Mergers and Intellectual Property in Agricultural Biotechnology (with Gordon C. Rausser), Economic and Social Issues in Agricultural Biotechnology (2002)

Air Pollution Regulation and the Motor Vehicle Industry in the United States and Germany (with Richard W. Brooks and John P. Dwyer), Regulatory Encounters: Multinational Corporations and American Adversarial Legalism (2000)