Professor Kousha joined the Macalester sociology department in 1991. She is a
sociologist specializing in the intersection of gender, race, class and nationality who
has researched the changing status and image of women in Iran and the Middle East. Kousha
is the author of Nothing Can Stop This Tide: Iranian Women Speak and Voices from Iran:
The Changing Lives of Iranian Women. She has also published articles on life satisfaction
and happiness among Iranians. 

Kousha has researched labor relations between African American household workers and
their white female employers during the first half of the 20th century. She has served on
the board of directors of Critique: Journal for Critical Studies of the Middle East. 

EDUCATION: BA Iran-Tehran;MS and PhD University of Kentucky. 

Kousha has been teaching at Macalester since 1991. 

Journal Articles


Love and Control: Relationships between Fathers and Daughters, Critical Middle Eastern Studies (2002)


Are Iranians Happy? A Comparative Study between Iran and the United States (with Navid Mohseni), Social Indicator’s Research (2000)



My Bird by Fariba Vafi. Translation. (with Nasrin Jewell) (2009)

Contributions to Books/Essays