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SBN: 978-14775549-6-8



In vitro analysis of equine, bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells demonstrates differences within age- and gender-matched horses (with Jessica Carter-Arnold, Nancy Neilsen, Lisa Amelse, and Agricola Odoi), Equine Veterinary Journal (2013)

Reasons for performing the study Stem cell therapies are used routinely in equine practice. Most...



Cell proliferation, viability, and in vitro differentiation of equine mesenchymal stem cells seeded on bacterial cellulose hydrogel scaffolds (with Pelagie M. Favi, Roberto S. Benson, Nancy R. Neilsen, Ryan L. Hammonds, Cassandra C. Bates, and Christopher P. Stephens), Materials Science and Engineering: C (2013)

The culture of multipotent mesenchymal stem cells on natural biopolymers holds great promise for treatments...



Proliferation and Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Biodegradable Calcium-deficient Hydroxyapatite Tubular Bacterial Cellulose Composites (with Pelagie Favi, Nancy Neilson, and Roberto Benson), ournal of Materials Research (2013)

Accepted for publication.



Equine peripheral blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells: isolation, identification, trilineage differentiation and effect of hyperbaric oxygen treatment (with Nancy Neilsen, K Beatty, S Eaker, Henry S. Adair, and Dennis Geiser), Equine Veterinary Journal (2012)

REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY: Two studies report variability in proliferation and limited adipocyte differentiation of...


Contributions to Books

Mouse Models for Prader-Willi and Angelman Syndromes offer Insights into Novel Obesity Mechanisms (with R. D. Nicholls, M. Stefan, Y. Ji, R. S. Frayo, R. H. Wharton, D. E. Cummings, M. I. Friedman, and R. S. Ahima), Progress in Obesity Research: 9 (2003)

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Role of Aluminum and Iron in Brain Disorders (with J. G. Joshi and M. Clauberg), Advances in Behavioral Biology (1992)

Proceedings and Abstract Publications

Differentiation of equine mesenchymal stromal cells into neural cells: potential for clinical applications (596.4) (with Claudia Cruz Villagran, Lisa Amelse, and Nancy Neilsen) (2014)

Peripheral nerve injuries cause poor performance in horses. They are difficult to manage and clinicians...