Dean Entzeroth teaches courses on capital punishment, constitutional law, criminal
procedure and other related courses. Her primary research is in the field of capital
punishment and federal habeas corpus litigation and among her works is the co-authored
casebook, Capital Punishment and the Judicial Process (4th ed.). Her recent research and
scholarship examines the process of enacting or abolishing capital punishment laws at the
state legislative level and the intersection of these democratic changes in the law and
the constitutional evolution of the scope and meaning of the Eighth Amendment’s
prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. 

Entzeroth joined the College of Law faculty in 2002. Previously, she practiced law in
Washington D.C. and Oklahoma. She also clerked for the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals
and the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma. She has served as
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs since July 2012 and previously served as Associate
Dean for Faculty Development. 


Capital Punishment and the Judicial Process (with Randall Coyne), Books (2012)

Capital Punishment and the Judicial Process provides comprehensive coverage of a number of issues, including...