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EU Climate change litigation: All Quiet on the Luxembourgian Front?, Sanja Bogojevic, Research Handbook on Climate Change Mitigation Law (2014)


European Union Climate Change Law: Leadership Ambitions in a Multilateral Regime, Sanja Bogojevic, Oxford Handbook of International Climate Change Law (2014)
EU Fundamental Rights and Environmental Law, Sanja Bogojevic, Handbook on EU Human Rights Law (2014)
Spatial justice and the case of street art, Matilda Arvidsson and Peter Bengtsen, Art, Life and the Rule of Law (2014)
Embodying Law in the Garden: An Autoethnographic Account of an Office of Law, Matilda Arvidsson, Australian Feminist Law Journal (2014)
'Gardens of Justice': Australian Feminist Law Journal, 2013, Volume 39, Matilda Arvidsson, Leila Brännström, Merima Bruncevic, and Leif Dahlberg (2014)
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Top 10 Papers in SelectedWorks @ Lund University Faculty of Law *

  1. Swedish National Implementation of the Sustainability Criteria for Transport Biofuels from Directive 2008/29/EC; Questionnaire, Evgenia Pavlovskaia (2011).
  2. Miljökvalitetsnormer, Evgenia Pavlovskaia and Josefin Gooch, Faculty of Law, Lund University (2012).
  3. Kvinnlig och manlig syn på lärande under forskarutbildningen. En kvalitativ undersökning bland doktorander från Sverige och Danmark, Evgenia Pavlovskaia, Gitte Jørgensen, and Enas Sheik-Khalil, CED (2012).
  4. Overview of Swedish Criminal Procedure, Christoffer Wong (2012).
  5. Dubbel straffbarhet i svensk straff- och straffprocessrätt (trans. "Double criminality in Swedish criminal and criminal procedural law"), Christoffer Wong, Festskrift till Suzanne Wennberg (2009).
  6. The Laws of “Illegal” Work and Dilemmas in Interest Representation on Segmented Labor Markets: À propos irregular migrants in Sweden, Niklas Selberg, Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal (2014).
  7. Climate change, natural disasters and non-refoulement: What scope for resisting expulsion under Articles 3 & 8 ECHR?, Matthew Scott, Presentation prepared for workshop "Climate Change-related Displacement: What Scope for Protection under Refugee and Human Rights Law?" (2013).
  8. Sustainability of transport biofuels from a legal perspective, Evgenia Pavlovskaia, International Journal of Environmental Protection and Policy, vol. 1, issue 4, 2013, pp. 88-93 (2013).
  9. Why Human Rights Fail to Protect Undocumented Migrants, Gregor Noll, European Journal of Migration and Law (2010).
  10. Harassment related to Sex and Sexual Harassment Law in 33 European Countries, Discrimination versus Dignity, Ann Numhauser-Henning (2012).
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