A former mathematics teacher and coach, Prof. Terry's research focuses on the
creation of critical race "counterspaces" as an alternative environment for the
mathematics education of high school-aged Black males. In these spaces, he explores the
impact of critical literacies on the formation of Black males' racial and
mathematics identities, as well as their social agency. In addition to consulting on the
development on single-sex educational programs, Dr. Terry works with pre-service &
in-service K-12 educators developing socially-just and anti-racist pedagogies in school
communities across urban Los Angeles and Southern California. 



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This article explores whether contemporary educators should consider single-sex educational settings as viable interventions in...



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Along with the growth and refinement of our shared discourses on equity, the community of...



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The academic outcomes for African American students continue to lag behind their White, Latino, and...



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In this article, the author argues that the persistent underachievement of many African American male...




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Expectations of the System is a student-created film which details the findings of a...