Professor Sirico joined the Villanova faculty in 1981, and is the Director of the
Legal Writing Program. Professor Sirico has written and taught in several fields of law.
His books include: Judging: A Book for Student Clerks (2002); Legal Research (2d
ed.2001)(w/Schultz); Persuasive Legal Writing for Lawyers and the Legal Profession (2d
ed. 2001) (w/Schultz); and Legal Writing and other Lawyering Skills (5d ed.
2010)w/Schultz). Professor Sirico is the author of numerous articles on legal research
and writing, property, and constitutional law, which have been published in journals such
as the New York University Law Review, Iowa Law Review, Indiana law Journal, Fordham Law
Review, Connecticut Law Review and Constitutional Commentary. Professor Sirico was the
founding Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Criminal Law and an Associate Editor
of the Texas Law Review. Before joining the faculty, he was an attorney with several
public interest organizations, including the National Public Interest Research Group in
Washington, D.C., Fairfield County (CT) Legal Services and the Connecticut Citizens
Action Group in Hartford. Professor Sirico is a member of the District of Columbia Bar
Association and Connecticut Bar. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Legal
Writing Institute and serves on the Editorial Board of Perspectives: Teaching Legal
Research and Writing, a quarterly journal published by The West Group,, the Editorial
Board of Legal Writing: The Journal of the Legal Writing Institute, the Editorial Board
of the Legal Intelligencer (the Philadelphia region’s legal newspaper), the Advisory
Board of the Villanova University Paralegal Program, and the Plain English Committee of
the Pennsylvania Bar Association. He is a frequent speaker at conferences on legal
research and writing. 



A Proposal for Improving Argument Before the United States Supreme Court, Pepperdine Law Review (2015)

With rare exceptions, the U.S. Supreme Court allots thirty minutes to each side for oral...

How the Separation of Powers Doctrine Shaped the Executive, University of Toledo Law Review (2009)


The Federalist and the Lessons of Rome, Villanova University Legal Working Paper Series (2007)

Since the time of the Constitution’s framing, our intellectual canon has shifted so that the...



Original Intent in the First Congress, Villanova University Legal Working Paper Series (2006)

Most of the literature on this country’s Founding Era concludes that at least in the...



Legal Research, 2nd ed. (with Schultz) (2001)

Contributions to Books

Jones v. Wolf, Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties (2006)
Ask Your Students, Teaching the Law School Curriculum (2004)
Helping Students to Become Reflective Learners and Lawyers (with Nancy Schultz), Active Teaching and Learning (2004)
Day-to-Day Feedback for Students and Teachers, Assessment, Feedback, and Evaluation (2000)
Teaching Professionalism, Fresh Looks at Teaching and Learning Law (1999)

Unpublished Papers


Opening an Oral Argument before the Supreme Court: The Decline of Narrative's Role, Duke Law Journal (forthcoming) (2015)

In contrast to an earlier era, today’s oral advocate can expect Supreme Court justices to...