Lori Bindig, Ph.D. joined the Department of Communication and Media Studies at
Sacred Heart University in 2011. She earned her doctorate in Communication at the
University of Massachusetts Amherst where she was awarded the title of University Fellow
in 2004. Dr. Bindig also holds a BA in American Studies, a BFA in Musical Theatre, and a
MA in Communication from the University of Hartford along with an Advanced Graduate
Certificate in Feminist Theory through the Department of Women’s Studies at UMass. PhD,
University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

Dr. Bindig teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in public relations, corporate
communication, and social media. These courses stress ethical practices and social
responsibility, foster practitioner creativityacross multiple media platforms, and
encourage an awareness of the industry’s cultural impact. 

Professor Bindig is also Program Director of Performing Arts and is a member of The
Sports Communication and Media Advisory Board. 

Recent Courses Taught: Social Media, Media Ethics, Corporate Communication, The PR Agency
in the Digital Age. 

Research Interests: Dr. Bindig’s research spans a variety of fields, but primarily
focuses on the intersection of media and youth culture, with an emphasis on femininity
within consumer culture. Her scholarship includes critical analyses of popular teen
television programs as well as the design and implementation of a media literacy
intervention for eating disorder treatment. 



The O.C.: A Critical Understanding (with Andrea M. Bergstrom), Communication and Media Studies Faculty Publications (2013)

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Dawson's Creek: A Critical Understanding, Communication and Media Studies Faculty Publications (2008)

This book provides a textual analysis of the WB's (Warner Brothers Television) hit teen drama...


Contributions to Books


Media Literacy in Eating Disorder Treatment, Race/Gender/Media: Considering Diversity Across Audiences, Content and Producers (2012)


American Cars: Patriotic Consumption After September 11th (with M. Bosau), Communication and Media Studies Faculty Publications (2010)

Beginning September 20, 2001, the same day President Bush reiterated his call to participate in...



Branding America: Patriotic Products and Consumerism After September 11th (with M. Bosau), Communication and Media Studies Faculty Publications (2010)

Post-9/11 culture provided an opportunity for companies to rebrand themselves and their products as American....


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