My research interest is in the area of nanoscience and nanotechnology. As the name
suggests, "nanotechnology" refers to the development of materials in the size
range of a few nanometers and their conversion into useful technology. In order to
prepare future high-performance devices based on these materials, several fundamental
issues need to be considered. New methods to prepare nanomaterials must be developed
which are amenable to device fabrication, appropriate experiments must be devised which
will allow us to investigate the fundamental properties of these materials for
exploitation in devices. In addition, there are several device processing issues which
must be considered for such small structures. Addressing all of these issues requires an
interdisciplinary approach. My research goal is to develop an interdisciplinary program
in nanoscience and technology which will address the basic science of nanomaterials and
will also explore their utilization in useful technology. 



Vapor–liquid–solid growth of serrated GaN nanowires: shape selection driven by kinetic frustration (with Zheng Ma, Dillon McDowell, Eugen Panaitescu, Albert V. Davydov, and Moneesh Upmanyu), Physics Faculty Publications (2013)

Compound semiconducting nanowires are promising building blocks for several nanoelectronic devices yet the inability to...



Toward tailored functionality of titania nanotube arrays: Interpretation of the magnetic-structural correlations (with Pegah M. Hosseinpour, Eugen Panaitescu, Don Heiman, and Laura H. Lewis), Physics Faculty Publications (2013)

Ordered arrays of titania nanotubes (NTs) are considered as good candidates for photocatalytic applications including...



Investigation of electrical transport in hydrogenated multiwalled carbon nanotubes (with Adam L. Friedman, Hyunkyung Chun, Don Heiman, and Yung Joon Jung), Physica B (2011)

Highly disordered multiwalled carbon nanotubes of large outer diameter (~60 nm) fabricated by means of...



Possible room-temperature ferromagnetism in hydrogenated carbon nanotubes (with Adam L. Friedman, Hyunkyung Chun, Yung Joon Jung, Don Heiman, and Evan R. Glaser), Physics Faculty Publications (2010)

We find that ferromagnetism can be induced in carbon nanotubes (CNTs) by introducing hydrogen. Multiwalled...



Super-resolution imaging using a three-dimensional metamaterials nanolens (with B. D. F. Casse, W. T. Lu, Y. J. Huang, E. Gultepe, and S. Sridhar), Physics Faculty Publications (2010)

Super-resolution imaging beyond Abbe's diffraction limit can be achieved by utilizing an optical medium or...