Lloyd C. Anderson is a C. Blake McDowell Jr. Professor at The University of Akron
School of Law. He teaches Civil Procedure; Federal Jurisdiction and Procedure; Pretrial
Advocacy; and Alternative Dispute Resolution. His areas of research include consent
decrees, appellate jurisdiction, legal education, in forma pauperis appeals and prison
conditions. He is currently a member of the American Bar Association. Prior to joining
the Akron Law faculty in 1981, Professor Anderson worked as an attorney at the Legal Aid
Society of Louisville, Ky. and as a Professor of Law at the University of Louisville. He
received his B.A. with distinction from The University of Michigan and his J.D. degree,
cum laude, from Harvard University. Professor Anderson’s most recent article is entitled
“Mocking Public Interest: Congress Restores Meaningful Judicial Review of Government
Antitrust Consent Decrees” (31 Vermont Law Review 593 (2007)). An earlier article
regarding consent decrees was the inspiration for congressional legislation that provides
for increased judicial supervision of consent decrees. 



Mocking the Public Interest: Congress Restores Meaningful Judicial Review of Government Antitrust Consent Decrees, Vermont Law Review (2007)

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