Schulte-Sasse specializes in film and cultural studies, German literature and the
analysis of American political discourse. She teaches 18th and 20th century literature,
cinema studies and is interested in the history and use of propaganda, rhetoric and film. 

She focuses on the German cinema, particularly during the era of National Socialism. Her
book, Entertaining the Third Reich: Illusions of Wholeness in Nazi Cinema, examines Nazi
films as movies containing propaganda, comparing them with classical Hollywood cinema.
Schulte-Sasse also has written opinion pieces on Hollywood films and other issues for the
Scripps-Howard News Service and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. 

EDUCATION: B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Minnesota 

Schulte-Sasse has been teaching at Macalester since 1984. 



The Eye of the Beholder, MPR NewsQ (2009)


Film and Politics in the Weimar Republic (with Tom Plummer) (1982)

Contributions to Books

Vive la différence: Gunther von Hagens and his Maligned Copycats, Controversial bodies : thoughts on the public display of plastinated corpses (2011)

Leni Riefenstahl's Feature Films and the Question of a Fascist Aesthetic, Framing the past : the historiography of German cinema and television (1992)

National Socialism in Theory and Fiction: A Sampling of German Perspectives, 1923-1980, Fascismo y Experiencia Literaria: Reflexiones para una recanonización (1985)