Top 10 Papers in LMU - Duncan School of Law *

  1. Grounding Drones: Big Brother’s Tool Box Needs Regulation Not Elimination, Melanie M. Reid, ExpressO (2014).
  2. The Quagmire that Nobody in the Federal Government Wants to Talk About: Marijuana, Melanie M. Reid, New Mexico L. Rev. (2014).
  3. How the Internet Is Used to Facilitate the Trafficking of Humans as Sex Slaves, Cheryl George Professor, Law Enforcement Executive Forum (2012).
  4. Crime and Punishment, A Global Concern: Who Does It Best and Does Isolation Really Work?, Melanie M. Reid, ExpressO (2014).
  5. From CD to MP3: Compression in the New Age of Technology (Overlooked Infringement or Fair Use?), Sydney Aaron Beckman, Gonzaga Law Review (2007).
  6. Porn and Commercial Sexual Exploitation, Cheryl George Professor, Western Journal of Criminal Justice (2013).
  7. No Means No?: Withdrawal of Consent During Intercourse and the Continuing Evolution of the Definition of Rape, Matthew Lyon, Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (2004).
  8. Legal Update: A Tortured Path to Same-Sex Marriage in Tennessee - A Practitioner's Guide, Akram Faizer, DICTA (2013).
  9. The Strong Arm of the Law is Weak: How the TVPA Fails to Effectively Assist Victims of the Sex Trade, Cheryl George Professor, Creighton Law Review (2012).
  10. When does Restitution become Retribution?, Melanie M. Reid and Curtis L. Collier Hon., Okla. L. Rev. (2012).
* Based on the average number of full-text downloads per day since the paper was posted.
Updated as of 07/23/14