Dr. Xiong earned her Ph.D. in Business Administration from Temple University in
2013. Her master's degree is from the University of Delaware and her undergraduate
degree is from Jinan University in China. 

Dr. Xiong's research concentrates on Service Management and seeks to solve industry
issues and challenges from both customers’ and employees’ perspectives to achieve a
competitive advantage. She has actively examined customers’ attitudinal and behavioral
reactions to various recent service industry practices, such as group-buying pricing
strategies, online reviews, social media platforms, and loyalty programs. As she has
gained a greater understanding of the value of employee perspectives as a means to
promote a more impactful body of research, she started to incorporate her consumer
behavior research into organizational behaviors, especially regarding the achievement of
a balance between employee-delivered service promise and customer-perceived service
experience. Drawing upon service management, organizational behavior, psychology,
consumer behavior, etc., her dissertation specifically investigates how employees
internalize brand values and develop commitment and extra-role citizenship behaviors in
service organizations. 



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“That's not my job”: Exploring the employee perspective in the development of brand ambassadors (with Ceridwyn King and Rico Piehler), Management Faculty Research (2013)

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Loyalty programs are prevalent in hotel industry. Ever since the first loyalty program AAdvantage introduced...



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Viral marketing is the business approach that uses peer-to-peer communications to increase product awareness and...