Professor Adler has written extensively on sexuality, gender, family and children,
including foster care, and draws heavily from queer and critical theory. She is a
co-editor of the casebook Mary Joe Frug’s Women and the Law (4th ed.). She also has
written about contemporary legal issues arising out of Nazism. 



Sex as a team sport: a reaction to Hanna Rosin's The End of Men, School of Law Faculty Publications (2013)

Surely any proclamation that the “End of Men” is upon us is an overstatement. The...



Gay rights and lefts: rights critique and distributive analysis for real law reform, School of Law Faculty Publications (2011)

For the last decade and more, the law reform agenda on behalf of sexual minorities...



Just the facts: the perils of expert testimony and findings of fact in gay rights litigation, School of Law Faculty Publications (2011)

Judge Vaughn Walker made eighty separate factual findings in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, many of them...



T: appending transgender equal rights to gay, lesbian and bisexual equal rights, School of Law Faculty Publications (2010)

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