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Sprawl in Europe And America

Michael E. Lewyn, Florida Coastal School of Law


Rebuts the "Inevitability Theory of Sprawl"- the common argument that anti-sprawl policies would be futile in the United States because sprawl has grown even in Europe. Although Europeans are far more likely to travel on foot, bike or public transit than Americans, some commentators argue that these realities are irrelevant because European cities are trending towards sprawl- that is, that Europeans are far more likely to live in suburbs and drive to work than they once did.

This article argues that the European "trend to sprawl" is in the process of reversing itself. Over the past decade, some European cities have grown faster than their suburbs, and transit ridership has generally grown.

Suggested Citation

Michael E. Lewyn. "Sprawl in Europe And America" San Diego Law Review 46.1 (2009): 85-112.
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