Dr. Lesley DeNardis, Director of the Global Studies program, is a product of
interdisciplinary studies. As an undergraduate at Connecticut College she double majored
in Government and Hispanic Studies which allowed her to explore international topics from
a variety of disciplinary perspectives. A year-long study abroad program in the
University of Madrid awakened her interest global affairs and enabled her to draw
connections between Iberia and Latin America in all their varied political, historical,
linguistic, and literary traditions. 

Continuing with her international education, Dr. DeNardis earned a Master’s degree in
International Affairs from the Elliot School of International Affairs at the George
Washington University where she specialized in Latin American Politics and International
Affairs. As a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science from the University of Connecticut,
Professor DeNardis spent three years in Monterrey, Mexico as a visiting professor at the
University of Monterrey and the Technological Institute of Monterrey where she taught a
variety of undergraduate courses in political science to Mexican students in their native
Spanish. While in Mexico she conducted field research for her doctoral dissertation on
the Mexican transition to democracy. Upon return to the U.S., Professor DeNardis taught
at New Mexico State University located near the U.S.-Mexican border where she taught a
predominantly Hispanic student population courses in political science and public



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