Lesley DeNardis, Ph.D. joined the faculty of Sacred Heart University in 2006 and was
awarded tenure as of Fall 2012. 

Her teaching and research interests include American Government, Public Policy and Public
Administration, Education Policy, Latin American Politics and Political Economy. Prior to
joining the Government faculty at SHU, she taught at New Mexico State University and in
the Public Management program at the University of New Haven. 

Dr. DeNardis has presented papers at political science conferences and has published
articles in scholarly journals. Currently an elected member of the Board of Education in
Hamden, CT, she has also advised state and local government in a variety of public
management areas. Dr. DeNardis received her Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut in



Electoral Competition in Connecticut's State House Races: The Trial Run of the Citizens' Election Program, Government and Politics Faculty Publications (2013)

The Citizens Election Fund, Connecticut's version of a clean elections law, was established in 2005...



The Impact of Connecticut's Clean Election Law: An Empirical Quick Look (with A. E. Rodriguez), Government and Politics Faculty Publications (2011)

The State of Connecticut’s General Assembly passed a Clean Elections Law in 2005. In this...



Can Allocation by Sortition Resolve the Connecticut Education-Financing Impasse? (with A. E. Rodriguez), Government and Politics Faculty Publications (2011)

It has been over 40 years since Connecticut amended its Constitution to ensure citizens a...



The Politics of Reorganizing Connecticut State Government: Altering Administrative Structures in the Land of Steady Habits, Government and Politics Faculty Publications (2011)

Despite numerous attempts to reorganize state government aimed at streamlining, reducing, and creating greater efficiencies,...



From Equity to Adequacy: Evolving Legal Theories in School Finance Litigation: The Case of Connecticut, Government and Politics Faculty Publications (2010)

Since the landmark school finance decision Serrano v. Priest (1971) ruled that California’s reliance on...


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