Judge Lazer had a lengthy career as an attorney before being elected to the Supreme
Court of the State of New York in 1972. During the 25 years of law practice proceeding
his election, he practiced as associate and partner in a number of City law firms, and as
a single practitioner and public servant in Suffolk. As Town Attorney for the Town of
Huntington, he achieved a degree of fame based on his record of court successes for the
Town. He also served as co-chair of the Suffolk County Reapportionment Committee, where
his “Lazer Plan” for a 16 member county legislative body ultimately achieved reality as
the current 18 member body. Judge Lazer also served as a member of the Suffolk County
Charter Revision Commission. 

After his election in 1972, Judge Lazer served as a Justice of the State Supreme Court
for six years and, following his appointment to the Appellate Division, he served that
Court for eight years. He was the Senior Justice when he left the Court in 1987. During
his judicial service, Judge Lazer was the author of 146 published opinions, some of which
have been cited hundreds of times. 

One of Judge Lazer’s greatest accomplishments has been his stewardship of the Pattern
Jury Instructions Committee of the Association of Justices of the Supreme Court of the
State of New York. The Committee, consisting of 15 leading judges in the State, produces
a four volume set of model jury charges for use by judges who conduct civil trials. It is
provided to trial judges by the Office of Court Administration. Judge Lazer has been the
chair of the Committee for 30 years. After he left the bench, while a partner in the firm
of Shea & Gould, Judge Lazer played a principal role in forming the Office of the
Appellate Defender, now considered one of the premier appellate defense organizations for
indigent criminal defendants. He served as the original chair of the organization for
three years and as a member of its board for subsequent years. Judge Lazer also served as
a member of the Temporary State Commission on Tax Relief for Long Island. 

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