Pharmacies as Providers of Expanded Health Services for People Who Inject Drugs: A Review of Laws, Policies, and Barriers in Six Countries (with Theodore M. Hammett, Son Phan, Julia Gaggin, Patricia Case, Nicholas Zaller, Alexandra Lutnick, Alex H. Kral, Ekaterina V. Fedorova, Robert Heimer, Will Small, Robin Pollini, Carl Latkin, and Don C. Des Jarlais), School of Law Faculty Publications (2014)


People who inject drugs (PWID) are underserved by health providers but pharmacies may be...



Implementation of Patients’ Rights Legislation in the Republic of Macedonia: Gaps and Disparities (with Gabriela Alcheva and Filip Gerovski), School of Law Faculty Publications (2013)

Background: Since its formation after the breakup of Yugoslavia, Macedonia has made major strides in...



Overview of the Gaps in the Health Care Legislation in Georgia: Short-, Medium-, and Long-Term Priorities (with Nino Kiknadze), School of Law Faculty Publications (2013)

Background: After gaining independence following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Georgia has aspired to...



Police Education as a Component of National HIV Response: Lessons from Kyrgyzstan (with Rachel Thomas, Natalya Shumskaya, Irina Artamonova, and Marina Smelyanskaya), School of Law Faculty Publications (2013)

Background—Recognition of the police department’s role in shaping HIV spread and prevention has generated interest...



Access to syringes for HIV prevention for injection drug users in St. Petersburg, Russia: syringe purchase test study (with Ekaterina V. Fedorova, Roman V. Skochilov, Robert Heimer, Patricia Case, Lauretta E. Grau, Andrey P. Kozlov, and Alla V. Shaboltas), School of Law Faculty Publications (2013)


The HIV epidemic in Russia is concentrated among injection drug users (IDUs). This is...

Advancing human rights in patient care: the law in seven transitional countries (forthcoming) (with Tamar Ezer, Judith Overall, Iain Byrne, and Jonathan Cohen), School of Law Faculty Publications (2013)


Syringe confiscation as an HIV risk factor: the public health implications of arbitrary policing in Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (with Remedios M. Lozada, Tommi Gaines, Daniela Abramovitz, Hugo Staines, Alicia Vera, Gudelia Rangel, Steffanie Strathdee, and Jaime Arredondo), School of Law Faculty Publications (2013)

Female sex workers who inject drugs (FSW-IDUs) face elevated risk for HIV/STIs and constitute a...



Policy reform to shift the health and human rights environment for vulnerable groups: the case of Kyrgyzstan's Instruction 417 (with Rachel Thomas, Marina Smelyanskaya, Irina Artamonova, Natalya Shumskaya, Aijan Dooronbekova, Aibek Mukambetov, Heather Doyle, and Rebecca Tolson), School of Law Faculty Publications (2012)

Background: Police activities shape behavior and health outcomes among drug users, sex workers, and other...

Prevention of fatal opioid overdose, JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association (2012)

Opioid overdose is a burgeoning public health crisis, accounting for at least 16,000 deaths annually...



Advancing public health through the law: the role of legal academics: workshop report (with Wendy E. Parmet and Scott C. Burris), School of Law Faculty Publications (2012)

The July 2012 workshop Advancing Public Health Through the Law: the Role of Legal Academics...



Harmonizing disease prevention and police practice in the implementation of HIV prevention programs: up-stream strategies from Wilmington, Delaware, School of Law Faculty Publications (2012)

Introduction: Improving access to sterile injection equipment is a key component in community-based infectious disease...



Mexico's northern border conflict: collateral damage to health and human rights of vulnerable groups (with Gustavo Martinez, Tommi Gaines, Lucie Nguyen, Remedios Lozada, Gudelia Rangel, Alicia Vera, Heather L. McCauley, Andrea Sorensen, and Steffanie A. Strathdee), School of Law Faculty Publications (2012)

Objectives: Given links between policing environment and infectious disease risk among vulnerable groups, we surveyed...



Global governance of health: conference report (with Scott Burris), School of Law Faculty Publications (2006)

“Governance” is the management of events in a social system. “Good governance” in global health...


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CommonHealth: Mass. a national leader in overdose prevention (with Alexander Walley) (2012)

In this interview on Radio Boston, Leo Beletsky and Alexander Walley discuss their viewpoint piece,...