Ms. Leanna Lawter is Assistant Professor of Management in the John F. Welch College
of Business at Sacred Heart University. She has over nineteen years of industry
experience. Most recently she was President of The Waters Group, an executive search and
HR consulting practice. She also held positions at HBO/Time Warner, Donnelly Marketing,
Reader’s Digest, Pepsico, and Fleet Bank. 

Degrees: B.A. in Mathematics from Colgate University; M.S. in Statistics from the
University of Vermont; M.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Connecticut; Currently
completing a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior at the City University of New York. 

Her research interests include power and leadership, organizational politics,
organizational culture, and developing self-efficacy. 



Job Satisfaction Determinants: A Study Across 48 Nations (with Jeanine K. Andreassi, Martin Brockerhoff, and Peter Rutigliano), Business Faculty Publications (2012)

This paper examines the drivers of job satisfaction across four cultural regions—Asia, Europe, North America,...



The Disconnect Between Business Ethics Education and Putting It Into Practice: How Do We Fix It? (with Grace Guo and Tuvana Rua), Business Faculty Publications (2011)


The Bride is Keeping Her Name: A 35-Year Retrospective Analysis of Trends and Correlates (with Richard J. Kopelman, Rita J. Shea Van-Fossen, Eletherios Paraskevas, and David J. Prottas), Business Faculty Publications (2009)

We used data obtained from wedding announcements in the New York Times newspaper from 1971...


Contributions to Books


Personalizing Business Ethics Education (with Grace Guo and Tuvana Rua), Business Faculty Publications (2011)

This book forms a part of the debate on the development of ethical business leaders...