Dr. Barrett's research focuses on the nature of emotion from both psychological
and neuroscience perspectives, and takes inspiration from anthropology, philosophy, and
linguistics. Her lab takes an interdisciplinary perspective approach, and incorporates
methods from social, clinical, and personality psychology, psychophysiology, cognitive
science, cognitive neuroscience, and visual cognition. Current projects focus on
understanding the psychological construction of emotion (i.e., how basic affective and
conceptual ingredients provide the recipes for emotional experiences), age- and
disease-related changes in affective circuitry within the human brain, how language and
context influence emotion perception, how affect influences vision, and sex differences
in emotion. 



What's reason got to do with it? Affect as the foundation of learning (with Eliza Bliss-Moreau), Psychology Faculty Publications (2009)

We propose that learning has a top-down component, but not in the propositional terms described...



Amygdala and fusiform gyrus temporal dynamics: responses to negative facial expressions (with Jennifer C. Britton, Lisa M. Shin, Scott L. Rauch, and Christopher I. Wright), Psychology Faculty Publications (2008)

Background: The amygdala habituates in response to repeated human facial expressions; however, it is unclear...