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On Editing, Jonathan Van Patten, 60 South Dakota Law Review 1 (2015)


Missouri River Reservoirs in a Century of Climate Change: National or Local Resource?, John Davidson, 20 Journal of Environmental and Sustainability Law 1 (2014)
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Top 10 Papers in SelectedWorks @ University of South Dakota School of Law *

  1. Storytelling for Lawyers, Jonathan Van Patten, 57 South Dakota Law Review 239 (2012).
  2. The New Uniform Limited Cooperative Association Act: A Capital Idea for Principled Self-Help Value Added Firms, Community-Based Economic Development, and Low-Profit Joint Ventures, Thomas E. Geu and James B. Dean, 44 Real Property Trust & Estate Law Journal 55 (2009).
  3. Smoking Out Forest Fire Management: Lifting the Haze of an Unaccountable Congress and Lighting Up a New Law of Fire, Ashley K. Hoffman and Sean M. Kammer, 60 South Dakota Law Review 41 (2015).
  4. What is "Eet"? A Proposal to Add a Series of Referent-Inclusive Third Person Singular Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives to the English Language For Use In Legal Drafting, Charles Thatcher, 59 South Dakota Law Review 79 (2014).
  5. The Changing Practice of Law and Law Schools: Why Would Anyone Go to Law School Today?, Barry Vickrey, 60 South Dakota Law Review 79 (2015).
  6. The Limits of Advocacy: A Proposal for the Tort of Malicious Defense in Civil Litigation, Jonathan Van Patten, 35 Hastings Law Journal 891 (1984).
  7. International Indigenous Land Rights: A Critique of the Jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Light of The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Jo Pasqualucci, 27 Wisconsin International Law Journal 51 (2009).
  8. Chaos, Complexity, and Coevolution: The Web of Law, Management Theory, and Law Related Services at the Millennium, Thomas E. Geu, 66 Tennessee Law Review 137 (1998).
  9. On Editing, Jonathan Van Patten, 60 South Dakota Law Review 1 (2015).
  10. The Missouri River and Adaptive Management: Protecting Ecological Function and Legal Process, John Davidson and Thomas Geu, 80 Nebraska Law Review 816 (2001).
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