Elder Law

The Kindness of Strangers: Enhancing Lives Through Long Term Care (with Elder Advisor Journal Marquette University) (2008)


Voices on Voting: Election Law in 2008 (with Harvard Journal on Legislation) (2008)

International Law

Investor-State Arbitration: Perspectives on Legitimacy and Practice (with Suffolk Transnational Law Review) (2008)

Transformation in Iraq: From Ending a Modern War to Creating a Modern Peace (with Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Review) (2008)

Medellin v. Texas: A Symposium (with Suffolk Transnational Law Review) (2008)

Patent Failure: How Judges, Bureaucrats, and Lawyers Put Innovators at Risk (with Journal of International Property Law) (2008)

Operationalizing Global Governance (with Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies) (2008)

Common Grounds, Common Waters: Toward a Water Ethic (with Santa Clara Journal of International Law) (2008)

What about Federalism?: States? Rights and the New State Immigration Laws? (with Tulsa Journal of International and Comparative Law) (2008)

Law Without Borders: Current Legal Challenges Around the Globe (with Temple University Law Review) (2008)

Sanctions in a 21st Century Economy: Are They An Appropriate or Effective Means of Altering State Behavior? (with University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law) (2008)

Transnational Public Interest Law: Lawyering for Social Justice (with UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs) (2008)

International Trade: Law or Politics? (with Gonzaga Journal of International Law) (2008)

Rethinking the Future: The Next Five Years in Iraq (with American University International Law Review) (2008)

Complicity in International Law (with New England Journal of International and Comparative Law) (2008)

Civil Rights

Making History: Race, Gender, and the Media in the 2008 Elections (with St. John's Journal of Legal Commentary) (2008)

The Roberts Court and the Fourth Amendment (with Texas Journal on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties) (2008)

The Roberts Court and Equal Protection: Gender, Race, and Class (with South Carolina Law Review) (2008)

Scholar Immigration Symposium (with The Scholar: St. Mary's Review on Minority Issues) (2008)

e-Democracy: Democratic Values in a Digital Age (with Connecticut Public Interest Law Journal) (2008)

Human Rights

International Human Rights Symposium (with Creighton Law Review) (2008)

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Extractive Industries (with Yale Human Rights and Development Law Journal) (2008)

Climate Change and Human Rights (with Journal of Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems) (2008)

Environmental Law

An Environmental Law for the 21st Century (with NYU Environmental Law Journal) (2008)

Coastal Resiliency (with Sea Grant Law and Policy Journal) (2008)

Cutting Edge Water Alternatives: Creating, Leasing, Reusing (with University of Denver Water Law Review) (2008)

Framing and Earth Jurisprudence for a Planet in Peril (with Barry Law Review and Center for Earth Jurisprudence) (2008)

Confronting Global Climate Change: Using the Law to Protect Future Generations (with Vermont Law Review and Vermont Journal of Environmental Law) (2008)

Climate Change and Human Rights (with Journal of Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems) (2008)

Emission Not Accomplished: The Future of Carbon Emissions in a Changing World (with William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review) (2008)


e-Discovery and its impact on Corporate Governance and Litigation (with Rutgers University Law Journal) (2009)

The Subprime Crisis, Moving Forward (with Connecticut Law Review) (2008)

Lawyers, Law Firms, & the Legal Profession: An Ethical View of the Business of Law (with DePaul Commerical and Business Law Review) (2008)

Hedge Funds: Regulating the Untamed Market (with University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business and Employment Law) (2008)

The Competitive Edge: Is the U.S. Losing Ground in the Capital Markets? (with Virginia Law and Business Review) (2008)

Criminal Law and Procedure

Convicting the Innocent (with Texas Tech Law Review) (2008)

The Role of Victims in the Criminal Justice System (with Pace Law Review) (2008)

Iraq and Back: Legal Implications for Returning Soldiers (with New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement) (2008)

Arts & Literature

The Full Impact of Digital Media: Shifts of Control and the Future of Music (with Hastings' Communications and Entertainment Law Journal) (2008)

Intellectual Property

Frontiers of Empirical Patent Law Scholarship (with North Carolina Law Review) (2008)

Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals (with Wake Forest Intellectual Property Law Journal) (2008)

Ninth Annual Intellectual Property Law Symposium: Bridging the Gap to Future Innovations (with Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal) (2008)

Law and Technology


Sexuality and the Law

Rape, Affirmative Consent and Sexual Autonomy (with Akron Law Review) (2008)

Legal Gender? The Limitations of a Male/Female Binary (with Women's Rights Law Reporter) (2008)

Dispute Resolution

Negotiating, Mediating and Managing Conflict: Evolution in a Global Society (with Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal) (2008)

Constitutional Law

The National Security Constitution: New Threats, New Rules? (with St. John's Journal of Legal Commentary) (2008)

Health Law and Policy

The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban: Healthcare in the Shadow of Criminal Liability (with Brooklyn Journal of Law and Policy) (2008)


The Modern American Jury (with Northern Illinois University Law Review) (2008)


The Delaware General Corporation Law for the 21st Century (with Delaware Journal of Corporate Law) (2008)

The Future of Corporate Accountability and Oversight (with Journal of Law and Social Challenges) (2008)

2008 Franchise Law Symposium (with Manitoba Law School) (2008)

Labor Law

Emerging Technology and Employee Privacy (with Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal) (2008)

Domestic Relations/Family Law

No Place to Live: the Housing Crisis Facing Youth Aging-Out of Foster Care (with St. John's Journal of Legal Commentary and St. John's Law School Child Advocacy Clinic) (2008)

Is Gay Marriage Conservative? (with South Texas Law Review) (2008)


e-Discovery and its impact on Corporate Governance and Litigation (with Rutgers University Law Journal) (2009)

The 2008 'YouTube' Election? The Role and Influence of 21st Century Media (with Catholic University's Institute for Communications Law Studies and Commlaw Conspectus Journal for Communications Law and Policy) (2008)

The 2008 'YouTube' Election?: The Role and Influence of 21st Century Media (with Commlaw Conspectus: Journal of Communications Law and Policy) (2008)

Water Law

Legal History

Legal Profession


Judging the Selection Process: The Merits of an Election System for State Judges (with University of Arkansas at Little Rock Law Review) (2008)


Crimtorts Symposium (with Widener Law Journal) (2008)


Journal of Tort Law (2008)

Journal of Tort Law is the premier publisher of original articles about tort law, tort...



The Natural Law in Protestant Political and Legal Thought (with Liberty University Law Review) (2008)

Practice and Procedure

Multidistrict Litigation: The New Class Action? (with Tulane Law Review) (2008)

Conflicts of Laws

Conflicts of Law Symposium (with BYU Law Review) (2008)

Professional Ethics

A Common Morality for the Global Age (In Gratitude for What We Are Given) (with Catholic University of America Center for Law, Philosophy and Culture) (2008)


The New Face of Women's Legal History (with Akron Law Review) (2008)

Indian Law

Indigenous Economic Development: Sustainability, Culture, and Business (with Oregon State Bar Indian Law Section) (2008)