Professor Nielsen's performance research works amongst and between arts medias
(dramatic literature, theater, performance, film) as well as popular performance and
participation medias privileging kinetic embodiments. 

Nielsen's first collaborative book project, "Neoliberalism and Global Theatres:
Performance Permutations" (2012) studies complex relationships between the arts and
free market ideologies, globally. Nielsen examines practices and premises that advertise
the entrepreneurial model of artistic work to negotiate neoliberalism and finance capital
‘from below.’ At issue is the question of whether the conjunctions of neoliberal
ideologies and financialization can deliver better futures—and for whom. 

Fueled by investigations into popular performance industries that traffic in virtuosity
and fungibility, Professor Nielsen's book "The Diamond and the Grid" (in
progress) theorizes fugitivity and counterconquest performance in the transnational
Caribbean Americas. "The Diamond and the Grid" examines rhetorical emplotments
of the new world in the visual and spatial fields that transcribe and transform
performance, from popular culture to visual art, historical documents, literature, and
digital media. 

In "Performance/Documents/Rights", another book project in progress, Professor
Nielsen examines performance practices in the multidisciplinary arts that document and
contest rights strategies, both tempering and tampering with evidence. From theatre and
dance to body/performance art and transnational puppet productions, Nielsen theorizes
arts that advance and critique the claims of rights rhetorics. 

Professor Nielsen serves on the Steering Committees of the Latin American Studies
Program, the Humanitarianism and Human Rights Concentration, and as a founding member of
the Critical Theory Concentration. 

AWARDS AND HONORS: In 2010 and 2012, Professor Nielsen was nominated for the Best
Educator award by the Macalester College Student Council. When Nielsen was in the
Department of Drama at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, her teaching was
honored with the David Payne Carter Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2006. Prior to
NYU, Nielsen was a Fellow with The Five College's Crossroads in the Studies of the
Americas (CISA), where she taught at Hampshire and Amherst Colleges, in Western
Massachusetts. Nielsen's research has also been supported by Wallace Grants, ATHE,
ASTR, PSi, the Teagle Working Group in Human Rights and Humanitarianism, and NYU Tisch
School of the Arts. 

EDUCATION: B.A., Boston College M.A., University of Minnesota Ph.D., New York University 

Nielsen has been teaching at Macalester since 2007. 

Journal Articles


The Time After: (Border) Time and the Other in Post Tenebras Lux, Scapegoat: Architecture/Landscape/Political Economy (2013)


Specters of Exchange: Rights and Resources in Loisaida Liberation Theology Passion Play Performance, Performance Research; Special Issue edited by Claire MacDonald (2009)


Contributions to Books

Heterotopic Transformations: the (Il)liberal Neoliberal, Neoliberalism and global theatres : performance permutations (2012)


Oral History Project: Practice-Based Research in Theatre and Performance, Mapping Landscapes for Performance as Research: Scholarly Acts and Creative Cartographies (2008)