Dr. Wan's research interests include: Cellular biomechanics: mechanical
characterization and adhesion measurements of single cells and biological tissues,
characterization of mouse oocytes and embryos before and after artificial fertilization,
mechanical aspects of embryology, and developmental biology. Tissue engineering: adhesion
of mesenchymal stems cells to form tissues, chondrogenesis, morphogenesis, viscoelastic
rubber elasticity and fracture of biological tissues, measurements of specific
(ligand-receptor) and non-specific (electrostatic, van der Waals) surface forces,
diffusion of ligand in and out of adhesion plagues. Ophthalmology: mechanical aspects of
presbyopia and natural accommodation mechanics, characterization of prosthetic hydrogels
for cataract ocular lenses, opto-mechano-electro-chemical coupling in vision,
characterization of procine, prosthetic and human lenses. Micro-Electromechanical Systems
(MEMS): reliability of RF-switches, environmental effects, effects of coupled interfacial
adhesion and residual stress, adhesion and delamination mechanics of thin membranes in
moveable MEMS parts. Micro- and nano- structures: collapse of micro-beam and
micro-springs network due to intersruface forces and environmental species, molecular
dynamics simulation of nano-structures (e.g. bucky balls, graphene sheets, nano-tubes).



A nano-cheese-cutter to directly measure interfacial adhesion of freestanding nano-fibers (with Xin Wang, Johnny F. Najem, and Shing-Chung Wong), Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Faculty Publications (2012)

A nano-cheese-cutter is fabricated to directly measure the adhesion between two freestanding nano-fibers. A single...



Direct measurement of graphene adhesion on silicon surface by intercalation of nanoparticles (with Zong Zong, Chia-Ling Chen, and Mehmet R. Dokmeci), Center for High-Rate Nanomanufacturing Publications (2010)

We report a technique to characterize adhesion of monolayered/multilayered graphene sheets on silicon wafer. Nanoparticles...